Welcome to my virtual home. My name is Yolanda Barber and this year I strive to live Life on Purpose. In 2012 I drew a line in the sand and sprinted into a yearlong journey to pursue my passion to become a published author.  A year later, and the jolt of yet another birthday gone past, I glanced over my shoulder to see how far I’d gone. Ugh! The heel of my shoe screamed failure as it remained in the starting block. So little progress made. How is that possible?

I’m a divorced mother of two sons Rhamel 19 and Nahree 16. Born in 1964 the US census bureau classifies me as a baby boomer. This means my parents who I invited to live with me although spry and active are facing the challenges that come with aging. I’m the housekeeper, gardener, taxi service, nurse, handy-woman, oh yeah let’s not forget plumber, and the list goes on. I juggle doctor appointments and basketball practice, dispense medication, run a laundry service, and last year in a good week I’d spend three whole hours pursuing my dream to be the next Maya Angelou. At the end of each day I fell into bed exhausted, clutching an incomplete to do list.

This blog is just part of my journey as I go through Life on Purpose. An IT professional for over twenty years I’m logical and practical by nature, so I have a plan.  A humbled child of God, trusting in his unwavering grace as I try to navigate my way through this maze called life, I have faith. That same line drawn in the sand, I refuse to look back a year from now the heel of my shoe still straddling that line.

My virtual home is an informal place, stop by, subscribe and please always say hi.  Don’t be shy or stand in the corner and lurk like a stranger. Speak up, say what’s on your mind and share what’s in your heart. Join me. Let’s embark on a journey together and live Life on Purpose.

To learn more about me and Write Time Write Place, my Freelance Editing Service check out my website http://www.thewritetimewriteplace.com.


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