Quit Boo-Hooing and Make A Decision

I know someone who can be classified as a drama queen. This over used cliché is the perfect description for my theatrical friend.  She can go from ecstatic to devastated in less than thirty seconds. She starts with the tears, progresses to deep shoulder shuddering sobs, and closes with a high-octane version of a hyperventilating hyena. The truth, this act is usually more stressful for me than her. It’s not that I don’t empathize because believe me I do. What drives me bonkers with a capital B is her inability to move beyond the situation. I just want to grab her by the shoulders and look her in the eye (we’ve seen this cliché move in so many stories), and say “Come on already, quit the boo-hooing and make a decision.” You see every situation good or bad, is loaded with choices, to move beyond this stressful moment my friend needs to evaluate her choices and make a decision.


Posted in Cliche, Creative Writing, Tips

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